Center for Academic  Services

The Center for Academic Services provides academic services for target communities, particularly schools in the STC network, as well as delivers academic service projects initiated by all faculties and Office of General Education.

STC Academic Services are meant to demonstrate academic excellence of STC to the public—be it communities or school networks.  In so doing, STC academic services project an image of technological applications in excellence in the current state of the art in the target field or discipline.

In academic years 2017-2018, the Center for academic Services has continuously worked on a school network project commissioned by the Office of Higher Education Commission to support teaching and learning in selected secondary schools in Bangkokyai Area, Bangkok.

Contact for inquiries can be directed to the Center for academic Services on the ground floor of Building 9, STC, Tuesdays-Saturdays or call the Center at 02-878-5000 ext 5066.