Academic Affairs


Welcome to STC Academic Affairs

STC Academic Affairs have functions in support of all faculties and Office of General Education in the following areas:

  • Teaching and learning foreign languages and ESL
  • Academic Standards
  • Registration and student records
  • Research and innovation
  • Information services
  • Academic services
  • Cooperative education
  • Graduate studies


Academic Affairs Office is on the ground floor of Building 9 STC.

Office hours: 8:00-16:00 hrs, Tuesdays-Saturdays (registration services on Sundays as well).

Telephone 02-878-5000

Contact by extension number:

Vice President for Academic Affairs  5029

Director of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning and ESL  5069

Director of Academic Standards  5066

Registrar 5026

Head of Research and innovation  5065

Head of Academic Services  5025

Head of Cooperative Education 5031

Head of Services in Graduate Studies  5091

Secretary 5065